When I bought my condo last year, I knew there were many big priced items I wanted to do.  I wanted a kitchen remodel, I wanted my 1970s ugly bath ripped out and replaced with a walk-in shower and I wanted my closets completely redone.  The first two are a few more years of saving but the closets were doable.


My new shoe closet

I am ridiculously lucky with closet space.  I have a double-wide wall length closet in my master bedroom and 2 closets in my guest room.  One is also double door wall length and the other is long (walkable) and very thin.  All three were simply a bar and one shelf – not the best use of space.   The walk-in was used as a dump closet by the previous owners and I totally got why.  It’s not really wide enough to hang clothes, except at the end and there was a shelf far too high for me to reach.  The only thing to do was use it as a hiding, junk place.  Well, that was going to end. 

I took time and did some research work into a number of closet design companies.  Each time I started to do it, I always went back to California Closets.   Let me be honest, they are not cheap but in my opinion they stood out among the others with customer service and absolutely understanding my needs and wants.  I decided to just do my bedroom closet and the walk-in.  I worked closely with my designer to create exactly what I wanted.  Built in draws, double hanging rails, slide out baskets for scarves, but most importantly a home for my shoes and the walk-in was the best place to create my dream shoe closet. 

The design took time and I did stop the process for a bit but once we got moving and I spent time in their Boston offices looking at finishes, I was ready to move forward.  I added some hooks into my closet for necklaces, which I really like; I have sliding hangers, which pull out for my belts and extra drawers for scarves and other miscellaneous items.  To say I love my closets is an understatement.  They are my showcase piece for anyone coming to visit me.  And yes, they are full.

The shoe closet was my favorite part of the design.  We worked on a few iterations of what we could do within this space.  I wanted to make use of as much of it as I could and I think what we came up with is brilliant.  I can see all my shoes on display (well most of my shoes) and I can walk along the closet and pick whatever takes my fancy without looking into a ton of shoe boxes.  I also added a shorter rail for coats, lots of additional shelves. more basket draws and hooks on the wall.  It makes me so very happy. 

The installation process took about 4-5 hours total and was done one day before our friend, Juno and the start our winter of historic snow levels.  One day later and I might have still been waiting today.   

Now I can spend time just gazing at my closet wondering what to wear today!