There are movies that I go to see knowing exactly what to expect and then are movies, which completely surprise me and are far more entertaining than any expectation I may have had of them.  Kingsman is one such movie. 

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Once you get the over most ridiculous, gratuitous violence (not always easy), you see it for what it is… a super smart, fun, fast paced, action packed roller-coaster of a spoof spy movie.  

The Kingsman are modern day Knights of the Round Table.  A secret international organization, without rules or government who basically save the world from very bad guys.  Arthur is played my Michael Caine who heads up the organization.

Colin Firth is absolutely brilliant and quite frankly has never looked better as Harry Hart, aka Galahad.  He is the epitome of the British Gentleman dressed in a bespoke suit and smart shoes “oxfords not brogues” from Savile Row with a killer edge.  He seriously kicks butt in this movie.

At the beginning of the movie a Kingsman, Lancelot is killed by being sliced in half head to toe by our villain’s right hand named Gazelle who has blades (not kidding) for legs and feet.  Each Kingsman has to present a worthy recruit to replace Lancelot.  Galahad brings in Eggsy played by relative newcomer, Taron Egarton, a street smart wise-boy who is constantly getting into trouble.  Eggsy’s father gave his life 17 years earlier to save Galahad during his own Kingsman recruitment training. 

We also have Merlin played by Mark Strong, who is the brains behind the organization and in charge of the training program.

Valentine is our super villain, played Samuel L. Jackson in one of the funniest, lispiest roles I have ever seen him in.  Valentine is an insane egomaniac hell bent on culling the weak in order to “save” humanity by infecting their brains with a virus triggered by cell phones.  He gets world leaders in his back pocket while he plots his dastardly and quite frankly super violent plan. 

All the classic spy gadgets are used, poison pen, grenade lighters, hidden bladed shoes and the coolest of all a bullet proof umbrella.  Apart from one particular overly violent and probably a bit unnecessarily scene, the movie is filled with quick, smart one-liners, which surprise throughout and excellently choreographed action that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final scene.

See how British Gentlmen can save the world 🙂 

Thumbs up!