I’m over it, you’re over it, and the whole of Boston is over it.  This winter is taking its toll on Boston and its suburbs.  I feel it has taken a little bit of my soul away, my wine intake has increased, my gym visits are non-existent, my waistline continues to grow, my restaurant reviews are at zero and I am over my snow boots. 

I miss my shoes, I miss standing at the number 7 bus stop in high boots and I can’t bare to look at my goddamn snow boots another day.  This and the fact that I have to go to work being 5ft and not my true height of 5.4 ft is what is sending me over the edge of insanity.

This morning as I walked to the doorway of my condo, knowing I was going to slip my little feet into my big Patagonia Snow Boots once again, my heart sunk deep.  The path to the street is 5 inches wide with 13 feet snow piles on the sidewalk filled with dirt and people’s trash because there is nowhere to put it.  It was -12 degrees on my iPhone, which by the way died the second I walked out of my house because it doesn’t like the cold and I wanted to go back to bed and curl up into a ball until spring or maybe summer. 

In all honesty, the boots are saving me the slip and fall, which would inevitably happen if I wore inappropriate footwear just for this short walk alone and for that I thank them.

Patagonia Snow boots

Patagonia Snow Boots

These particular snow boots are quite new as I lost my old ones during my move last year.  I have no idea where they are but I am sure I will find them once the snow has melted around August and I no longer need them. 

I will say if you want to find a good pair, these are probably the best I have found over the years.  They are snug and warm and really quite comfortable but darn it, I just don’t want to look at them or wear them anymore.  Or now that I think about it and perhaps I am going crazy, I do think they look quite lovely with my work clothes today :). 

Are you over your snow boots?