Last week I was invited to join Midori and Where to Eat and Drink, Boston for an evening of cocktails, light bites and a fabulous blowout at Hairo Wash & Blow Dry on Newbury Street, Boston.


Haiiro, Newbury Street

The blowout and dry bar hair scene in Boston is a huge hit amongst us girls.  I mean, who doesn’t love having their hair done by someone else.  We have Drybar, Blo and probably many more chain salons I can’t even think of.   These types of salons are fantastic for that $35-$45 quick treat when a fabulous hair needed event is on your social calendar.  They are even more fun when you go with friends and can enjoy a glass of wine while being treated to looking more special than you already are.  The idea behind this could not be any more simple and quite frankly, ingenious. 


An evening with Midori (Japanese melon liqueur)

There is one salon, however, I had not heard of and doesn’t seem to follow the total chain concept of the others.  Hairo opened a few years ago on a second level Newbury Street brownstone between Clarendon and Dartmouth. 

As you walk in you immediately get a sense of walking straight into a bar full of “Suicide Girls” (and boys), only these ones have hair dryers and curling irons.  Tattooed stylists greet customers with a friendly smile and an easy going nature.  I was paired with Lauren and for the next 30 minutes felt like she totally got me and what my hair needed at that moment. 

The menu offers “big hair with lots of body” or the “Beverly Hills” which is “soft curls and soft waves” or the “Uptown”, which is more for the shorter hairstyle and close to what my friend, Kerry decided on.


A bit edge with Hairo’s funky salon

I made the decision to let Lauren choose what to do for my long red hair with the annoying new bangs I just had cut a week ago and am now regretting the decision.  Why do I always think bangs are a good idea when I am bored with my hair?  I think I got somewhere between a full body with looser curls with a bit of a back comb.


Loving my blow out. Now also wish I did my make-up as well, which was also on offer

Lauren did a great job, especially with my bangs and I loved my do.  Kerry’s looked full and really quite fabulous!  It was even better enjoyed with a fun Midori Cocktail and a flick through the latest Where to Eat, Boston.


Kerry looking very fabulous

This particular night they were offering a special of three blow drys for $65… that’s incredible!  Working across the street in the Pru, Kerry could not pass up this offer!

What a fun night for a group of friends to do before going out.  We had no choice but to stop by the Oak Bar for a bite and cocktail.


Hairo also has its own products, which are made locally and at a great price

I would absolutely recommend a visit to Hairo, especially this holiday season!