We tend to think more about reds as we move towards the Fall and Winter, sometimes a heady Chardonnay, however, we don’t really think about the crisp, vibrant white wines as one would imagine yourself drinking these in the summer months.  At least I do.  Well… I think I have found a wine that pairs superbly well with Autumn.  To be truly honest, I didn’t find this wine, a friend did.  My friend, Ben and his fiancée love this wine so much they buy it by the caseload.  He very generously gave me a bottle to try and now I can see why he loves it. 

The Domaine de LoOrme Saint Pourçain Les Grands Vaux Tressallier 2011 (wow that is a mouthful!) is a apparently (I can’t find any verification) 100% Tressallier also known as the Sacy grape.  A white grape, which ripens very early in the season in northeastern France.  The color is a medium body pale yellow.  It has clean sharp aromas of vibrantly fresh apricot and hints of citrus.   On the palate it is instantly smooth and easy to drink, a bit like a Chablis.  No sting, which white crisp wines sometimes have and definitely not as sharp as the aroma led me to believe.  It has tastes of honeydew melon and white peach.  This wine dances on the tongue and delights every part of your taste buds making them wake up.  As you drink more the aroma and taste opens up with brilliance and a bit of sparkle. 


Domaine de L’Orme Saint Pourçain Les Grands Vaux Tressallier 2011

Once you get past the ridiculously long title of this fabulous crisp Fall wine, all you need to do is remember the simple label and you will be fine.  Or you can just take a quick pic on your Drync app and save it. 

Now I need to hunt this wine down for myself. 

This would pair really well with a Seafood Paella.  In fact, I know it does as we tried it the other night. 

My rating…