The much anticipated restaurant, Bastille Kitchen finally opened in the Seaport District a few weeks to a positive buzz amongst critics, bloggers and yelpers.  Kudos to restaurateur Seth Greenberg (Mistral & Woodward) for another fantastic place to eat in Boston.

I do have lots more to share on this great new place but for now I want to concentrate on one particular dish for this special Friday before the long Labor Day Weekend.

I have dined at Bastille Kitchen three times and each time I have ordered the Tea-Smoked Mussels Marinére.  Sounds a bit strange right?  They are quite the opposite and literally my fab favorite dish of the moment.   Put me in a corner with this appetizer and a mound of bread and I will be forever happy.  Mussels are shelled and soaked in Earl Grey tea, which you can taste quite clearly the second they hit your tongue followed by a rich smoky flavor.  The sauce, almost like a rich creamy soup is to die for and deserves far more bread than it is served with.  Just ask for more and they will happily bring some by for you.


Tea-Smoked Mussels Marinére at Bastille Kitchen

This dish is fabulous and very deserving of Fab Dish Friday.

Make a reservation and stop by Bastille Kitchen soon before the word is out and you can’t get in.  This secret will not last for long.