When a friend raves about a bottle of wine, you really have to go and taste the wine for yourself, just to make sure it is rave-worthy. Lucky for me that same friend bought the wine as a gift for me – thanks BosGuy!  What lovely friends I have :).

Well, I totally got where my friend was coming from with this elegant, powerhouse of a Sancerre Rosé.

Domaine Vacheron Sancerre Rosé 2013

Made with 100% Pinot Noir the Vacheron Sancerre has a light peachy color and a clean fragrant bouquet of fresh summer flowers.  Immediately sharp with a slight zing on the tip of the tongue with an expressive fabulousness of tartness.  Tastes of peach and pear with edges of citrus abound in this wonderful Sancerre.   This wine delights every part of your taste buds.  After a while the wine starts to settle and becomes really pleasant and far too easy to drink.   Far far too easy!!

This is a thrilling summer Rosé that surprises all your senses and worthy of the high praise.

A little bit pricier than the standard summer Rosé but definitely worth the extra pennies.

Pairs fantastically well with seafood.  I suggest Mediterranean Shrimp Linguine.

My rating…

4.5 Glasses