5 fabulous summer wines, tried and tested numerous times by Life-Food-Wine!

A little taste of bubbles…

This deliciously, spritely, fun and very inexpensive sparkling Cava is the perfect way to kick off an evening with friends…

Segura Vuidas, Cava Brut Reserva

The cava is a very light, almost a pale straw color, with faint bubbles. At first nose I get a lot of fresh grape with a hint of citrus.  After a minute I also get red apple.  When I first sipped the Cava I could really taste the citrus, it is fresh and subtle, yet still full in flavor.  The more I tasted the Cava, the more I enjoyed this little sparkling wine. It is not too sweet or too dry.  The Cava tastes very fresh, crisp and well balanced.  For the evening we paired it with a Spanish Mahon cheese, which was rich and salty and a surprisingly excellent accompaniment to the Cava.  A perfect wine to start the evening off.

A Crisp Chardonnay

Not a lover of oaky, buttery Chardonnays, try this wonderful citrusy, fresh taste…

Stickybeak Chardonnay 2010, Russian River Valley

The 2010 Stickybeak Chardonnay is a pale light golden yellow in color.  First aromas are intense, peppery and nutty – very pleasant.  My initial sip is smooth and almost creamy with tastes of peach, nectarine and cantaloupe.  No oakyness or butter as one would expect from a chardonnay, more citrusy and crisp with a ridiculously long finish.  This is a super lively and fresh Chardonnay.


Stickybeak Chardonnay 2010

Impress your date with a Sauvignon Blanc

A little bit of a treat with one of my favorite Sauvignon Blancs…

Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc 2008, Napa Valley

The Sauvignon Blanc is very pale gold, almost completely transparent in color.  The first nose is sharp and a little offensive, a bit like cat pee that had dried out.  Sounds awful right?  Just give it a minute and it settles into an aroma of gooseberry tart and granny smith apples.  On the palate it is again quite sharp and tart initially and then becomes a little smoother and quite mouth-watering with flinty, mineral tones.  This wine is full-bodied and opens up into a plethora of fruits from melon to passion fruit and lemon and lime.  It has a wonderfully long and gratifying finish.

Pick up at your local store and run over to friend’s house with a Pinot Grigio to share

A fun, cheap and easy drinking Pinot Grigio…

Little Black Dress Pinot Grigio 2009, California

The LBD Pinot Grigio 2009 is a bright honey color.  At first nose the wine has a very musty aroma, almost a little off putting as it is like sticking your nose into an old closet with mothballs.  Never ever to put off when it comes to wines; I went in again with an even deeper nose and then came hints of pear and mowed grass.  On the palate this wine is crisp, clean and is quite sharp.  There is also a touch of dryness on the roof of your mouth and tip of the tip tongue, which lasts some time.  The wine then continues with a creamy custardy finish on the palate with green apple that’s quite tart.

Try a white Pinot Noir

Quite possibly one of my absolute favorite finds this past year!  A twist on the Pinot Noir…

Anthony Nappa Anomaly Pinot Noir 2010, New York

This pinot is a delicate color of pale red rose petals.  Aromas of flowers, mostly roses at first sniff followed by a freshness of sweet red grapes.  On the palate there is a sharpness that bites on the tongue with tangs of grapefruit that is so fresh, it is almost like having a glass of crisp flavored water.  It is a refreshing wine, which is a little unusual.  You almost want to gulp it like juice.  At first you think its sweet, but that is fleeting, it is so smooth and clean with a lovely distinct pointed long and dry finish of ripe cherries.  This is just good wine and one I will be buying more of.  Drink chilled.


Anomaly 2010 – My favorite find

Do you have a favorite summer wine?