Last night at my running class we talked about nutrition.  For the past week we all had to log what we had eaten each day.  A complete and utter disaster for me!  If you have been reading my Blog lately, you will notice that I all I write about is food, food, food and more food and some wine thrown in for good measure.  “Crap” I thought! “Do I lie?  Do I just share the healthy stuff?  Do I just say I had one glass of wine and not three?  Crapola!  What do I do?”

Well, this was being shared with the class and it was also going to be truly exposing for me and my eating habits!  In the end, I decided to be honest and did write down everything… and boy was it eye opening.  It was also, in my defence, not the best week to follow my food intake.

The first thing I noticed is that I am your classic three meals a day gal.  I did know this; it was the way I was brought up.  Three meals a day; finish everything on your plate and then you can have ice-cream and leave the table.  I never eat in-between meals.  What has been added to this habit is the wine.  One glass of wine a night – that’s the truth (fingers crossed).  I also noticed that I eat out a lot!!!!!  Probably more than I realized, or wanted to realize, or maybe it was just last week?  No, I eat out A LOT!

As we were talking and sharing our eating habits in class, I realized I was starving.  It was 6pm and I didn’t have breakfast and had an early lunch, so I had not eaten for seven hours.  I did think about having a snack, like a banana, but I forgot.  I need to get better at the snacking; the healthy snacking, which I am rubbish at.  It will also stop me from getting home too hungry when I have to make a sensible dinner.  Instead I make something quick, easy and probably too much of it!  Or, as you know, I just dine out! So, how, at my age, do I change my eating habits?  Maybe I can’t but I do think the little but often is a better route for healthier eating habits, and it seems most of my class and our teacher agreed.

Last night, after class, my running class partner, Stacey and I dined at Flash’s and had a junior salad and a club soda with lemon :)…   okay fine, we had a Cream of Broccoli Soup and a Toasted Cheese sandwich and two glasses of wine each.  It was really really good!  It wasn’t even on the menu, but they made it for us anyway. How very nice of them :).

Damn I am rubbish!!!!  I do need to think more sensibly about what I eat.  Maybe more fruit, a handful of nuts, health food bar… something to fill the hunger gaps before I make the mistake with hungry eyes looking for a fulfilling dinner that overfulfills!  

Any advice?