Butler’s Dark Orange Hot Chocolate

I have cleared almost everything out of my kitchen cupboards and my fridge.  Everything that is bad for me is gone, which means everything that I really enjoy and anything that I could put my hands on at a moment’s notice is no longer in reach to enjoy and that is very sad indeed.

The other night I desperately wanted something sweet, which is a little strange for me.  I normally go in search of cheese and crackers but on this occasion I had a sweet tooth and it needed to be addressed before it got out-of-control.  Hidden in my baking cupboard I found this Butler’s hot dark chocolate orange drink and some Trader Joe’s chocolate covered espresso beans.

I remembered the Butler’s was a little stocking stuffer my friends mum had bought me for Christmas, which I promptly put in my cupboard and forgot about.  I wouldn’t normally drink hot chocolate but desperate times called for desperate measures, so hot chocolate it would have to be.

The directions called for full heavy cream. Who am I kidding I got rid of everything bad in my house.  But just for a moment think how good that would taste?  I did have fat free half and half and skimmed milk.

The half and half seemed far more appealing.  It actually did the trick so well I wanted a second cup of this creamy, chocolaty goodness.

For my second cup, which I did succumb to, I added some Trader Joe’s chocolate covered espresso beans and it elevated it to a whole new level of fabulousness.  The chocolate covered espresso beans melted perfectly and just left the crunch of bean.  It reminded me of Terry’s Chocolate Orange.  If you don’t know what this is you need to take a trip to England and buy one immediately.

Butler's Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

I am sooooo making this drink again when I need some sweetness in my life.

Bulter’s Hot Chocolate Drink

Depending on whether you are watching your weight, choose one of the following:
1 cup of fresh cream, half and half, fat free half and half, milk or skimmed milk
1 chocolate orange piece from the Butler’s box
Chocolate covered espresso beans if you are so inclined

Pour milk or cream into a saucepan over low heat.  Add chocolate piece.  Stir constantly until chocolate has melted.  Pour into a cup and add topping up your choice of whipped cream, marshmallows or you are like me just throw in some chocolate covered espresso beans.  They worked fabulously well.

Hot Chocolate

My second cup

My sweet craving was resolved.