“I feel wonderful and sad. It’s the gin.”
Stephen Beresford, The Last of the Haussmans

As I continue to wax lyrical about my weekend in LA, especially the food scene, I am brought back to my first evening at The Bazaar by José Andrés right in our hotel, the SLS in Beverly Hills.

I have already featured a Fab Dish Friday, the Jicama Wrapped Guacamole from The Bazaar, however I could not help but feature them again with a “Fab Drink Friday”  – The Ultimate Gin & Tonic.   I think this is the most amazing G&T I have ever tasted in my life, seriously!

I picked Tanqueray as my gin of choice for this cocktail.  They marry it with Fever Tree Tonic and garnish with fragrant flowers and a slice of lime in a fish bowl like glass.  My hands are so little, I needed both of them to pick this drink up without dropping the glass.  As I took my first sip a sneaky smile crept across my face and I knew I was done for.  This drink is FABULOUS!  I had many more over the rest of our weekend.


“The Ultimate Gin & Tonic”
Choose from four gins (Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, or Plymouth)
Served with Fever Tree Tonic – $18

I think what makes this cocktail so special is the Fever Tree tonic, which has an interesting story and apparently uses quinine, a fever reducer.  I didn’t have a fever at the time but I sure got the “Fever” for The Ultimate Gin & Tonic after my first sip.

If you like gin, you should definitely check this cocktail out.