I had been hearing the quiet ravings of Row 34, which opened in Fort Point Channel this past December for a quite a while, but wanted to wait a short time before writing anything about them.   Well, after three visits, all incredibly scrumptious and wonderfully delicious, it’s time to write something.

Row 34 calls itself “a workingman’s oyster bar” and has a warehouse urban vibe, high ceilings and cool lighting, which brings a certain trendy chicness to the restaurant.  Its loud, its fun and the food is great.


Graphic Wall at Row 34

I have now dined at the bar, at the high tops in the bar area and in the main restaurant.  This particular review is from my time at the high-top with my friend Kerry in the bar area.


View to the Bar

With no reservation, we were incredibly lucky on a Thursday night to actually nab a great table with a view to the whole restaurant after waiting just 15 minutes at the bar with a sharp, clean glass of Chenin Blanc in hand.


View to the Restaurant

Left with menus, we realized we wanted nearly everything on offer but settled on a table full of appetizers to share.  I had some super tasty ideas for my next reservation in the restaurant the following Saturday.

After talking with our waiter, who by the way was lovely, albeit a bit slow on the service side, we started with a selection of oysters followed by four appetizers.  How could we not start with the mollusc delicacy of the sea… this is an oyster bar.  I would actually say my favorite of this selection was the Row 34 from Duxbury followed closely by the briny and creamy Moon Shoals.


Row 34, Island Creek, Rocky Nook & Moon Shoals

The Lettuce Cup Oysters are oh my goodness good.  Crunchy, fresh oysters wrapped in lettuce with just the right amount of pickled vegetables.  I am not normally a fan of anything picked but this just works.


Lettuce Cups crispy oysters, pickled vegetables – $12

Shrimp sliders nestled in a toasted; I think brioche bun is just good.  Again the pickle works and I surprised myself that I liked it so much.  Pickles for me tend to overwhelm the taste of food, however not at Row 34.  I made sure we ordered these again at my next dining experience the following weekend.


Shrimp Slider chipotle, b&b pickles – $4

I am a big fan of the Deviled Crab on toasted bread.  Think deviled egg with paprika, only shredded crab – delicious.


Deviled Crab Toast smoked paprika, celery – $14

The mussels are plump and fragrant in a white wine with just a hint of scallion.  A lovely broth left over for bread dipping.


White Wine Mussels scallion butter – $10

Service was ultimately slow and a little awkward, however, our waiter continued to be very nice throughout with asking us if we needed more wine and water refills when he realized we had been left alone for a while.  To be honest, the service has been quite slow on all my visits; however, I see that as the growing pains of navigating a new restaurant.  Be patient with the service and the food will speak for itself.  Hopefully, the service will become the well-oiled machine that Island Creek Oyster Bar is.

Row 34 is absolutely worth the visit but make sure you make a reservation.  It’s the new hotspot in town and I for one will be back many times, especially as it is down the street from my new office location.   I will absolutely be sharing more on this menu, especially on the entrees so make sure you check back.

Have you tried Row 34 yet?


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