drybar – Le Parker Meridien, NYC

I was spending the weekend with my sister, Toni in New York City so I thought as a treat I would book drybar for us in the Le Parker Meridien Hotel after a fabulously fun brunch at the famous Norma’s.

We arrived for a 1pm appointment to the bright white and yellow salon waiting room and genuine smiling hosts.  Treated like VIP guests, our coats were taken and we were immediately offered a drink of our choice, which of course for me and my sister was wine.

After a few minutes we were escorted by our stylists through to the salon where we were given a menu of styles we could choose from and to have a chat with about what we were looking to do.

In addition to the standard price of the $40 blowout, I also booked for us the “Floater” – which is worth the additional $10, seriously.  A 10-minute scalp massage that is insanely good and very relaxing.   “The Looks” start with a straight look to different styles of curls and messy beachy looks.  Both myself and Toni opted for “The Cosmo” – lots of loose curls.  This was going to be lots of fun.


Fun hairdryer lighting 

Not having a mirror to look at, I had no idea what was going on with my hair so I just relaxed, enjoyed my wine while watching the Sex and the City movie.  After about 45 minutes I was turned around to the mirror at almost the exact same time as my sister and we both had big grins on our faces.  I LOVED my big soft curls.  My sister’s looked fantastic.  I am now a drybar convert and will absolutely go back many more times in the future, especially as I know there is a drybar in Back Bay, Boston.


Fun curls. I just wishes I also booked to have my make-up done then I would be super glamorous!

There are many things I loved about our experience… how lovely we were treated, the absolutely fantastic stylists at Le Parker Meridien, the manager who talked to us for ages then offered to take photos, to the glass of wine (no charge) and of course being able to hang out in NYC with big curls at 2pm in the afternoon.  We felt very glamorous.

This is a fun place to go with a group of girls and to have a bit of a party.  Perhaps I will have all my friends do that for my birthday this year 😉

Have you tried drybar yet?  How was your experience?