The Modern

For as long as I can remember I try to go back to The Modern restaurant located in the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) for dinner and drinks when I visit New York City.  I absolutely love this place.  I just love the vibrancy and vivaciousness of the Bar Room.  I have enjoyed dinner at both the long bar that runs the length of the restaurant and the bar room itself.  To date I have still not tried the restaurant that offers a more formal and higher-priced menu but that’s okay, I love the noise, which is part of the reason I keep going back.  The other part, of course, is the outstanding cuisine on offer.  This trip was absolutely no different.

I was in New York last week for work and stayed the weekend to have some fun with my sister, Toni who arrived late afternoon on Friday after an eight hour flight.  This trip was about being a tourist for my sis… lots of site sightseeing but also about enjoying the stuff I love, food, wine and shopping.

With an early reservation due to my sister’s exhaustion we arrived to be greeted by very friendly hosts who were only to happy to allow us to have a drink at the bar before sitting down to dinner.  We took in the eclectic crowd and loud conversation while enjoying a glass of bubbly Rosé Champagne and just felt happy to be reunited for weekend.  I do miss my sister a lot.


The Bar Room

Escorted to our table abutting the separation from the Bar Room and formal dining room, we had a view out to whole bar.  Just perfect for us and people watching.

Chef Gabriel Kreuther has created a fun menu of Alsatation-style creations separated into three sections.  All offerings are smaller plate sharable, which is a great idea for me as I usually have food envy and want to taste everyone else’s plates.

Before thinking more clearly about the 20 different dishes we both wanted a fabulous bottle of Lucient Chrochet Sancerre was ordered.  One of my true  favorites.

A dish I have had before at The Modern and convinced my sister to agree to was the Tuna Tarte.  Tastes of fennel and crunchy cucumber work brilliantly with the delicate tuna and a mildly spicy aioli.  Add to that a crisp, you have everything you need to make this dish just amazing.


Upside Down Tuna Tarte with fennel, Japanese cucumber and aioli – $21

We also enjoyed the Tarte Flambée, which is more of a flatbread with earthy mushrooms, gooey sharp cheese and chive.  This creation is so moreish, we could have had lots more.


Tarte Flambée Alsatian thin crust tart with hen of the woods mushrooms, chive, and Comté cheese gratiné – $18

Given that I am of course a creature of habit and if you have read any of my blogs before, you know the second I see duck on the menu it’s hard for me to move forward, so the Long Island Duck was my next choice and apart from a little bite, my sister didn’t get a look in on this dish.  Succulent perfectly medium rare slices of duck breast with briny Swiss chard resting on a very tasty grainy red quinoa makes for the super dish.


Long Island Duck Breast with Swiss chard, beets and crispy red quinoa – $24

Toni enjoyed the Double Lamb Chops and thought they were just sublimely perfect.  She did clean her plate entirely and loved every bite.


Double Lamb Chop with radicchio, chickpea croquette, and coriander-basil jus – $35

With no room for dessert, we spent the rest of evening enjoying our wine and catching up as only sisters can do.

The service is impeccable from beginning to end without being too much… it’s just right.  Your napkin is folded when you leave the table, your water is always filled and your wine glass is always at just the right level.


A great night out with my sister

I get such a buzz from being at The Modern.  It could be because it’s New York but I think it is just the casual but high-end vibe.  It just works.  I can’t wait to go back.


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