Opus One Winery

There is a beauty and excitement to doing any wine tour and I love them all, especially when the staff are as excited about sharing their experience and knowledge as much as the person eager to learn.  Opus One takes it that next level.  A true cut and distinction above any tour I have ever done in my wine touring and tasting life.

I feel so incredibly lucky to not only have tasted both the Opus One 2007 and 2008 in a side-by-side tasting, I got do to this with the wine maker himself, Michael Silacci over a dinner to remember at L’Espalier in Boston.


Gorgeous Staircase

Even though I have been to Napa Valley many times, I had never toured the Opus One winery.  It was time to make that happen.  Joined by my friends, Lauren and Marcella, we set an appointment for an 11am private tour on a Sunday.  Driving up their driveway there are no other words than “wow”, truly “wow!”  All of us reacted a little differently to what we saw.  I thought secret society and slight intimidation but so excited to about to be part of this secret.  Marcella thought something Egyptian and austere.  Lauren thought cathedral/church like and commented to the Eyes Wide Shut movie.  Whichever thought we all agreed to the “wow.”


Opus One Vineyards

Arriving at the huge double doors we walked into the cavernous lobby/reception area.  Nancy was to be our tour guide, which proved to be so much more than the standard wine tour.  Nancy is the epitome of elegance with a regal way about her yet down to earth and absolutely lovely and unbelievably knowledgeable.  I also think we entertained her immensely along our two-hour tour.


The 2013 Vintage

Escorted through the hallways of Opus One, our awe continued.  Each stop, whether it was to discuss the history of Opus One or their traditional yet innovative wine making is an education and a fabulous experience.


Just waiting for us to taste the Opus One 2010

Our tour ended at the wine barrels housing the 2013 vintage, which curve around the cellar of the house in an artistic, streamlined way.  It was such thrilling feeling to be among the barrels while tasting the Opus One 2010.  To quote Lauren… “It is an elevated experience.”  I concur.


A gorgeous sight to be seen

After the tour, Nancy brought us up to the high patio.   The Opus One house is designed in the classic traditional Bordeaux style, which surrounds its house by the vineyards that make the wine.  Gorgeous, sunny day aside, it is just breathtaking to see.


View from the front door

We all then walked to the store to buy a bottle of the Opus One as a treat extraordinaire.  Although, I have done a review of the 2010, I will write my next one as recommended in 5-13 years… if I can wait that long.


Cheers from Opus One

Both Lauren and I did also buy the Overture, their only other production, which is a wine made from the grapes not used in the Opus One.  I am excited to try it and let you know my thoughts.