SPA InterContinental, Boston

You have probably noticed a lack of new blog posts these past few months and for that I apologize.  This is absolutely not because I have gotten lazy and don’t want to write anymore, especially as I spent so much time creating a whole new website.  It is because my day job, the one that pays all the bills has completely consumed my life for the last year but more so in the last 3-4 months, taking over any resemblance of a social life I may have had.

Allow me to explain just a little.  Our office decided to move and with that we found a location in the fabulous Seaport District and designed, created and constructed our new office space over a 15 month period.  Opening day was yesterday and it was amazing.  The hard work, extremely late nights, long weekends, broken nails, dirty hands, aches and pains and ignoring every recent tickle of cold I have had was all worth it.  The way this additional role as project manager for the move I took on expanded not only my brain to sometimes exploding points but my brawn, yes I have brawn, to a whole new level.  Who needs to work out when you and your team are unpacking 1000+ red crates filled with people’s “stuff!”  I feel so proud with we have created and the role I played, but now I need some me time.

As a thank you, I was given a spa package for the InterContinental Boston called “Retreat Yourself” which included a massage, facial and pedicure.

After putting the finishes touches on our new location on Sunday late afternoon, I took very my tired, very achy bones to the InterContinental, which is right next door to our new offices.

Greeted by friendly hosts I was asked to pick a Zents oil from a selection of aromas on display and then I was handed a plush robe and slippers and escorted through the myriad of doors to the ladies lounge.


Waiting Lounge

The locker room is small and spotlessly clean with everything on hand you may need.  I donned my robe and sat in the zen-like, peaceful waiting area with a cup of green tea and tried my best not to slip into a deep sleep while listening to the soft, humming music.

First up was my massage.  A lovely therapist, Gabbie came out to meet me and walked me to the treatment room.  We had a little chat about my needs, which mostly revolved around me saying I am exhausted and there is not a part of my body that did not hurt and the therapist listened to everything.  I have had many massages in my life, some hardcore sports massages, some gentler Swedish massages but this one was just the right amount of both.  Truly perfect.

For my next two appointments, I had another therapist called Stephanie, whose friendly attitude, knowledge and confidence, given how young she looked put me completely at ease.  She said to me “you are my last appointment of the day so I am going to really spend time making this perfect for you” and she did.  I added an eyebrow shaping to my package as I realized I was growing hedges on my brows that seriously needed attention.  Every second, even the incredibly painful blackhead squeezing, and eyebrow waxing was worth it.  She spent so much time massaging my hands and feet while I had the masks on I began to relax more and more every minute I was at the spa.

I stayed with Stephanie for my pedicure.  I felt I really had to apologize for the state of my feet given how much time I have spent running around a dirty office in sneakers but she was not fazed at all.  If she was, she didn’t show it.  Again, it was perfect, relaxing and just lovely.  Few words were shared as I shut my eyes and relaxed.  15 months of aches and pains slowly drifted away.

The whole process took a little over 3-hours, which I think is the longest period I have spent without checking my iPhone in more than a year.  I had no idea how much I needed this time away from everything.  The package is around $250 and worth every single cent if you want to treat yourself or a loved one.

I cannot recommend Spa InterContinental enough.  I started Monday extremely early but feeling better than I had done in a long time.  It was a great opening day.

I am off to Napa and San Francisco this weekend for a much needed trip and cannot wait to start writing more for my little Life Food and of course Wine blog again.