A much needed night in had me very excited about bringing out my geeky side with watching Thor: The Dark World.  I had ordered it the second I left the movie theater and it arrived last week.  I did forget how utterly fantastic this movie is so thought I would reshare my review from last year.

I am a very proud fan of the Marvel Comic movies.   I have absolutely no shame in stating how much I love going to see the movies, buying them once they are released and then watching them over and over again.  Working out why I like these movies is easy… they are entertaining, fast paced, thrillingly exciting and you know that ultimately good wins over evil every time.   Oh and there is usually a lot of eye candy, case in point…  Chris Hemsworth as Thor the hammer wielding God of Thunder.  Not bad at all.

After Thor joined The Avengers team to save the earth from the evil and revenge fueled, Loki (adopted brother of Thor), he returns back to his home of Asgard, where he spends more of his time as protector of the people of Asgard and those he loves rather than an ego-centric young soldier… he is worthy of the hammer.   There is also a sadness to him that stems from missing Jane, his earth love interest played by Natalie Portman.

The Dark World brings our hero back to the forefront in order to help save the Nine Realms from an old enemy thought to be have been wiped out.  In comes the nasty and very dark, Dark Elves who want the Nine Realms to return back to worlds of darkness using a powerful weapon called Aether, which Jane just happens to come across on earth.  Confused – that’s okay, the movie is about entertainment and not digging into the why’s and how’s of the science of it.  At least that’s the case for me.  I followed it easily enough while staring at Thor’s gorgeous blue eyes.  I was not staring at anything else I promise.

In order to protect Jane, Thor brings her back to Asgard, which then brings in the insane Dark Elves led by an even more insane leader called Malekith, excellently played by Christopher Eccleston.  There seems to be only one answer to save the Nine Realms and that is for Thor to partner with Loki, leading us back to a place, as in the first movie of whether we trust him or not.  Loki played by Tom Hiddleston is fantastic as the menacing, sharp-witted villain with a ridiculous amount of sibling rivalry.  I just love this guy, even though he is very bad.

The Dark World, as with other Marvel movies infuses wonderful, witty humor into the characters that brings lightness and sometimes laugh-out-loud moments.  Watch for a funny scene with Captain America/Loki.

The movie does bring back some character favorites such as Jane’s sidekick, Darcy played by Kat Dennings, whose sharp one-liners calm some of the tension in the movie, especially with her own sidekick, the intern’s intern.

Although The Dark World did receive a number of dings from critics, I loved every minute of it; even if I did think there were far too many characters to follow.  It is just sheer entertainment, over the top and absolute fun from beginning to end and has some serious butt-kicking females, check out Thor’s mother, Frigga played by the fantastic Rene Russo.

As anyone knows with Marvel movies you have to wait until the end to see the teasers of either a new marvel movie or something fun to round off the one you have just watched.  Stick around as there are two teasers at end of this one.

Big thumbs up!