Café du Monde

Writing about Café du Monde is as simple a review as I can write.  It is quite simply coffee and beignets; however, please indulge me in a short review to write about how much I truly love this place and its finest creation.

My only request for my birthday while I was in New Orlean’s with two friends recently was to visit Café Du Monde for beignets.  I got my wish the morning of my birthday. 

Located in the French Quarter, the original Café du Monde was established in 1862 as a coffee shop serving Louisiana style coffee made with chicory and beignets.   How amazing is it that a place can not only still be open after more than 150 years, but be one of the most world famous cafés for one simple dish?


Photo from Cafe du Monde’s official website

The line outside the open café was long but I promised my friends it would go down quickly and it did.

The staff runs around the café like headless chickens cleaning powdered sugar off the tables onto the floor and barely looking up at the customers.  


Inside the Cafe

I wouldn’t go to Café du Monde for warm over the top customer service.  This is about getting the tourists in and out and not about hanging out for the morning or actually any time of their 24 hour day for a leisurely dining experience.  This is an overhyped, fast paced, a bit scruffy, overcrowded and loud café.  I love it for one reason only… beignets.  


The simple menu

Barely acknowledging us, a waiter pointed at a table for us to grab quickly and sit.  The menu takes 10 seconds to look at, which is really just about deciding what type of coffee you want.  Two portions of three beignets for the three of us plus three coffees.  Tasty, strong hot coffee with milk for myself and Wendy and iced for Kerry, a new addition to their menu.


Of course THE Beignets

A fun night the evening before left me with a little bit of a 40-something pain in my head, however, one bite of these warm, airily light, slightly crispy, covered in powdered sugar fried dough perfections made by the beignet angels made all the pain go away.  If there were more than two each, I know I would have kept on eating.  The beignets met my expectations and my memory of them.  My birthday was complete. 

It sounds crazy that I love this place but I do.  I know on all future trips I will be stopping by for a coffee and plate of beignets.  Perhaps all three to myself!


A very happy Birthday morning for me with my friend Kerry

Words of warning… try not to wear anything dark – I forgot and ended up being covered in powdered sugar.  I was not complaining, it’s all part of the charm of the place.  

Here is Café du Monde’s recipe for their Beignets.  Given that they are a million calories, I am going to avoid making them at home for fear I will never leave my apartment and start to look like one.  I will just continue to enjoy my morning coffee in my 10 year old Café du Monde mug!


My Sunday morning coffee mug