la gramiere

La Gramiere 2009

Do you know those wines that you are not sure you love but you keep going back for more because you might actually love it?  Well, I have found just that wine.  I really enjoyed it but was constantly questioning myself on how much I enjoyed it.  Let me explain in single girl terms.  It’s like that guy you keep having dates with, the first date okay, the second date great, third date questionable.  He definitely grabs your attention and you know you want to go back for more but is he really the guy for you?  I dated just that guy with a dry lingering wit who made me laugh a lot but sometimes a sweetness would creep in, which I wasn’t sure I could trust.  He turned out not to be the guy for me but I couldn’t stop going back for more just to be sure.  This wine has definitely grabbed my attention.

So what is the wine I am talking about?  It is La Gramière, which actually has a really nice story behind it.  A small very young winery in the Southern Rhone Valley started by two Americans in just 2005, La Gramière produces just 8000~ bottles a year.  Check out their website for more information.

A Grenache/Syrah blend, this wine is very light and fruity on the nose with a sweet smoky aroma.  I expected it to be just as light on the palate but it surprised me with a creamy velvety milk chocolate taste with hints of pepper – intriguing.   There is a serious sweet dryness that makes your mouth water and a long chocolaty smooth finish.  Surprisingly, I really liked this wine better on day two but I honestly couldn’t tell if I liked it for its dryness or sweetness so I am going to have to go back for more just to be sure.  Could I really like it for both?

I think this wine would pair lovely with Slow Cooker Thai Chicken – a little bit of spice is good with Grenache.

My rating, which I reserve judgment to go up and down on as needed 🙂