AugustI have been less inclined to move over to reds this fall as I have been thoroughly enjoying my summer whites and rosés.  The longer I hang on to them the longer summer with last right?

Having almost run out of some of my go to wines, I recently did a stock up to replenish my little wine rack at Social Wines.  There must be a wine drinking goblin in my apartment.  It really is the only answer for the depleted wine stock 🙂 

I know what I like so always purchase the familiar, but I also do a walk around and ask for thoughts on favorites of the staff and owners.  Based on what they say and my palate I tend to say let’s go for it.  It’s not a tough twist of the arm for anyone suggesting wines to me.

I always find it difficult to pick a good Pinot Noir.  The last one I loved, in fact raved about was the Masut.   However, I think I have found another lovely Pinot so let’s kick off the fall season with a fun August Cellars Pinot Noir.  Although typical of a Pinot with a lighter ruby color, not everything about this Pinot is typical.  Smoky and earthy on the nose with hints of tobacco.  More robust on the palate than I expected from a Pinot with tastes of sweet, just about to fully ripen cherries and black fruits with spice notes.   This is a lovely smooth Pinot that opens up more over time with sweet, dark fruits but also has a dryness to it.  It has a slight, nice finish.

This wine was enjoyed with a very disturbing The Blacklist – my new favorite show but I do think it would pair lovely with a bowl of Turkey Chili.

August Cellars is a family owned winery in Oregon, a great place for finding good Pinot Noir.  If you are an experimenter with Pinots this is a good one to try and likely go back for more to share with friends.  It is also a super price at just $18.

My rating…