My gift wrapped hand-made boxed truffles

When someone invites you to a chocolate truffle making class, there is really only one answer…. YES and WHEN?

Each month The Boston Chocolate School teaches a class in chocolate.  Did you know we have an actual chocolate school?  No.   Me neither, how awesome is that?

A few weeks ago I attended a class with my wonderful friend and fellow blogger, BosGuy in order to learn how to make Chocolate Truffles.  Our teacher and self-proclaimed obsessed chocoholic, was Dorian, winner of Sweet Genius from The Food Network.  He is an absolute riot… smart, funny, quite brilliant in the world of chocolate and engaging.   The whole workshop was so much fun, educational and of course very tasty.


Myself with Dorian and BosGuy

Did you know that Nestle and Hershey’s are not even chocolate?  Well, they are not.  I was relieved to hear that Cadbury’s is but only Cadbury’s from the UK.  If you buy it in the US, it is not.  Ghirardelli is real, which I am also happy to hear as I do love me a bite of their new mint crisp chocolate bars.  Dorian becomes very passionate about what is truly real chocolate, which is a combination of just five ingredients… cocoa liquor (ground cocoa beans), cocoa butter, sugar, soy lecithin and real vanilla.  Something that isn’t real and claims to be gets his long braided beard all in a tangle.


Cocoa Plant


Cocoa Beans

This is such a super class to take with friends and to do something a little different at the weekend.  The classes are held every third Saturday.  Check out the next class on Saturday, October 19 on their website, The Boston Chocolate School.


BosGuy dipping his truffles 🙂


Preparing the truffles




Double Yum!

Thanks BosGuy.  What a fun day.