Last Saturday I was invited to taste wine and decandent desserts for a good cause.  I happily agreed as I do like wine tasting and love a little dessert every now and again.  What I was not prepared for was the impact this amazing program would have on me.

“Community Call’s mission is to develop social entrepreneurship within the Greater Boston area population of at-risk and financially disadvantaged high school students through an event planning enrichment program. Our students are inspired to look beyond themselves and collaborate to identify a social need, develop a plan, and produce an event that benefits the broader community. Students learn organizational, business and entrepreneurial skills, resulting in a sense of achievement and self-empowerment that influences all areas of their lives. We specifically target the Greater Boston area public high schools and community centers that provide enrichment programs in their current curriculum or as part of an after-school program.”

The event was fantastic but in my opinion, not enough people attended.  This is an amazing, worthwhile evening that should be checked out by more of you next year.   The desserts sublime, the wine tasting spectacular but most importantly, the celebration of these outstanding, smart and talented young adults doing something amazing and altruistic for their own community was worth the entire evening.  I was so touched by the whole evening.

Now back to the desserts and wine.  Check out this little montage of what you could be tasting next year.

Thank you to Community Call for making me aware of this organization.