masutI have to say Pinot Noir is not really a wine I choose often as I cant seem to get it quite right.  I like it, however, I find it more hit and miss than most other wines.  I am always happier with a more intense Pinot Noir than ones that taste a little watered down, which is what I find in most of Pinot’s I select.  That said let me talk about the Masut Estate Pinot Noir 2010, another recommendation from Social Wines.

Jake and Ben Fetzer left their wine making family to create their own wine focusing on the Pinot.  They had a passion for making good and affordable pinots and I believe they did something great in this particular wine.

This wine is a deep ruby red, darker than what I would expect from Pinot.  A seriously smoky cedar wood and quite pungent aroma with hints of prune and overripe black cherries.  At first sip you get a swift wow bang of cherries and kick of mild spices like cumin.  This is the Pinot I have been looking for.  The finish is smooth and tantalizingly long, ending with sweetness on the tongue.  I was only going to have one glass while watching the season finale of Scandal.   Well, either the wine was so good or the ending of Scandal had me so anxious, I am not sure but I ended up having two more glasses of this fabulous new find.

This wine would pair well Baked Penne, Tomato, Ricotta & Mozzarella.  I enjoyed mine with Scandal.

My rating…