“My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four unless there are three other people”
— Orson Welles, author

I have searched high and I have searched low, I have tried tuna tartare at almost every restaurant across the planet that offers it, and to date I have still not found a dish that has come close the the amazingness that is Mistral’s Tuna Tartare.

Photos of Mistral, Boston



Mistral will always split this dish for you if you wish to share.  It tastes just that little bit better when shared with someone.  However, alone the taste and texture is still wonderful and just sheer pleasure.  The sushi grade tuna melts in your with a sharp sour sweetness that makes you smile and is complemented perfectly by the crispy wontons.

I am going to Mistral next week for a work event in their lovely private dining room and if this dish is not on our menu I am going to sit at the bar on my own after dinner and enjoy it for dessert.  That is how much I am a fan of this dish, I will have it for dessert!
Do you have fabulous dish you would like to feature?