“One should eat to live, not live to eat” Moliere

 Ever since my trip to New Orleans back in May, my mind has been drifting, back, my senses become heightened, my mouth waters and all because of the Café du Monde Beignets.  I feel very thankful we do not not have a Cafe du Monde in Boston otherwise I would be in trouble on my morning commute to work, during lunch, from work and on Saturday and Sunday.  Big trouble. 

Fab Dish this Friday is in honor of these wonderful treats.  One bite of these warm, airily light, slightly crispy, covered in powdered sugar fried dough perfections made by the beignet angels makes everything feel right with the world.  

Each time I have been to New Orleans the beignets have met my expectations and my memory of them.  

I will keep them as a memory, which is a good place for them until my next trip and just enjoy my morning coffee in my mug.