Food should be fun
– Thomas Keller

A rainy day brought myself and my friend Marcella to the new Showcase SuperLux Movie Theater this past week.  It ended up being a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon that ended perfectly with a milkshake.   Not just any shake, we are talking the shake to take down all other shakes.  The Shake Shack, Hand-spun Vanilla Milkshake.

All week I have been dreaming about this awesome milkshake I had at the Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill.  One size only of a small(ish) cup of milkshake so thick and rich you need both a spoon and a straw in order to enjoy it.  I thought the shake was a little too small but soon realized there was no way I could eat/drink the whole thing. Creamy, not to sweet and vanilla perfect.  This shake is “shaketastic!”


Very Happy with my Shake

Marcella took the chocolate shake route and seemed to be as equally happy I was.

Ignore the calories and indulge, you will not be disappointed.

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