Island Creek Oyster BarFour young women who are now grown-ups decided to get to together for dinner.  This is what grown-ups do!  My dear friend, Lauren who is married and now lives in Kansas City, Karen with a baby on the way, it seems sooner rather than later to me and Erin, and as my mother would say, “living over the brush” friend.  Then there is me, the oldest 40-something on the planet who is not having babies, not married or living over the brush.  Lucky for me I have amazing friends that somehow just works and we all fit together.

For our outing we decided on Island Creek Oyster Bar.  To say I was excited is an understatement.  I may love ICOB as much as Mistral but please don’t tell them that.  I have also been dying to review ICOB for a very long time but have just never gotten around to it.  This time I was not going to fail. Camera in hand, girls informed and game for review writing and fabulous dinner hopefully to come.

We did not have a reservation (well, we did but it ended up being too early for all of us), a crazy notion when trying to get into this restaurant.  Even on a Monday I would say never chance this restaurant without booking in advance. As luck would have it they had an available absolutely amazing large round table in the corner of the restaurant looking out over everyone.  It was perfect for conversation and for people watching.

We perused the regularly changing menus and had so many ideas of what we wanted.  Fortunately, we all wanted something different so we knew we could easily steal a bite from other plates.  Our waiters who tag teamed all night were pleasant, calm and unrushed given how busy the restaurant was.   In fact, our male waiter was very very cute and eagerly attentive to give him a little more due.

Glasses of dry, crisp summer Rosé was in order, my favorite wine this summer.  Once the wine order was placed we worked our way through the menu along with help from our waiter of what was to be quite a long list. First up and I honestly cannot remember which ones, were a couple of oysters based on our waiter’s recommendation.  I do know they were both fabulous and quite different.

Next we ordered the Salmon Tartare for me and Lauren.  Delicate, delectable bites of fresh salmon with a crisp taste of cucumber and sharp lime served with housemade salty chips.

Faroe Island Salmon Tartare – cucumber, sesame, lime – $12 00