I don’t like to write about brand new restaurants.  It’s not really fair as they are going through the growing pains of learning the kitchen, training staff and getting the menu just right.

Recently, myself and my friend Stacey bar dined at Carrie Nation Cocktail Club, a newcomer to the Beacon Hill area of Boston.  I did take lots of photos as I always do, but for some reason all them except one disappeared from my iPhone.  It may have been my new and absolutely useless attempt at trying to use Instragram, or it’s is just because I still don’t know how to use my iPhone properly.  I will just stick the Canon going forward.

While our overall meal was just okay, the menu needs some work and probably an identity, there was one dish that stood out and that was the Chicken Liver Mousse, which also happened to be the only photo left on my iPhone.  I have been thinking about this appetizer ever since.

Chicken Liver Mousse – $12

Arriving in its own jar and sprinkled with juicy red sour berries , this was a super appetizer.  I am not sure of the exact ingredients but there was something good and different, perhaps a brandy or cognac?  That said it was perfectly thick, creamy chicken liver mousse made for seriously crusty bread.  The side salad, which was so much more than just garnish is also quite tasty.

I will likely head back at some up point in the future to check out their menu again.  If you would like to post a Fab Dish Friday, send along an email or tweet.