Last Saturday I was randomly in Brookline – not a town I find myself in very often.  My friend got an appointment to see the Mad Russian, a famous, not sure what you call him, Wikipedia calls him the “eraser of addictions,” who helps people give up things like smoking or helps them with weight control.  I was there for moral support as there is nothing I would like to see more than everyone giving up smoking.  They wouldn’t let me in with her so I had to try and find something to do for two hours.  I had no problem finding a little mani pedi salon just down the street and a Starbucks.  It was also a glorious day so I was quite happy.

By the time she got out, I was absolutely starving so we decided to stay around Brookline for a late lunch.  The Publick House in Washington Square seemed like the perfect “dive bar” for a bite to eat.  After reviewing their extremely extensive beer list and limited food menu I surmised this is really a beer house that serves some food.  The inside is a bit scruffy with dark wood tables and chairs that are a old and rickety looking and yellowing walls.  The lighting that hangs from the ceiling has a gothic, monastery look to it.  Not surprising when you look around and you see pictures of monks everywhere and even a “Monk’s Cell.”  All of this adds to the old world pub charm of the Publick House and reminded me of local pubs back home in England.Surprisingly I did want a beer to go with my lunch, not words that often come out of my mouth very often.  I rarely drink beers and have to admit I am a total beer neophyte.  I felt I would be ridiculed if I order a Miller Light, so I asked for help.  Our stoically friendly waiter offered a recommendation of Weihenstephan, a lighter lager tasting beer.  It was refreshingly perfect.

The menu is simple with standards of burgers and sandwiches but with some twists like the Mac & Cheese that you can literally add anything to, the Belgian Pork Meatballs and Fried Green Tomato BLT, which is exactly what I decided on, with a side of fries.  The Fried Green Tomatoes are what intrigued me.  Perhaps I should have gone to the Mad Russian myself for weight control :).  This sandwich is enormous.  It was like having a full cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon and tomatoes on toasted bread.  It is ridiculously good, I mean super good and super tasty.  I managed to get through half of it but not for the want of trying to finish it.  Dipped in equal amounts mayo and ketchup the chunky, salted fries are wonderful.

Fried Green Tomato B.L.T. rashers, soft fried egg, basil aioli – $13

My friend opted for the Burger with Swiss and, of course, fries.  She did a magnanimous job at almost polishing off her entire plate.  She said her burger was delicious.

Publick House Burger all natural ground beef, artisan bulkie, optional accompaniments – $12

If I had to share any negative about The Publick House it would only be that we waited quite a long while for our lunch orders, however, on a sunny, happy day and my friend’s story of her experience with the Mad Russian, I was okay with the wait.As the sun streamed into the bar we sat back and relaxed for a while longer, while I enjoyed my beer.  The wait staff, who looked beer intelligent intimidating to me, left us pretty much alone.

While we both thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and I very much enjoyed my beer, I am sure this place would be revered by true beer lovers.

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