Petit ChablisMy British friends know me for loving Chablis.

I do like a nice glass of Chablis, it makes me very happy. What better way to be greeted by a friend than with the question… “Would you like a nice of Chablis?”  Such sweet words. I giggle with glee for a nice glass of Chablis! Too corny? Perhaps, but what a fun Spring wine.

This particular Domaine d’Elise Petit Chablis was recommend by my friends at Social Wines a while ago and one I have bought quite a few times since.  I stopped by Social Wines this past week for a stock up of fun spring wines and added a few more bottles to my little wine rack.

The name Chablis is a region in North Burgundy and not the name of a grape, which is what a lot of people thing.  Chablis is actually made from 100% Chardonnay.

My wine is almost transparent in color with a green sea foam hue.  It is immediately sharp on the nose with aromas of citrus fruits.  A mild tickle of flavor hits the tongue with a surprising creaminess.  After a few sips I get lemon, limes, kiwi, melon, and cantaloupe, which gives it an even smoother roundness.  Oakiness plays no part in this wine, which one normally expects from a Chardonnay grape.  The finish is lingering and dry.

This is truly a delightfully fun wine and one that can be enjoyed alone, with or without food, especially oysters, but somehow it just tastes better with friends.

My rating . . .