It has been a long time since I have done a Shoesday Tuesday post.  There are a number of reasons…  bad weather, wearing the same shoes every Tuesday and well, basically it’s a Tuesday and Tuesday’s do not present themselves well to fancy shoes – do they?  No, they don’t and I have a lot of fancy shoes.  They present themselves to work shoes, albeit nice shoes and comfy shoes, aka Uggs when working from home.

Now, if I had a Shoesday Saturday in the Summer that would be a whole different ball game, but that, for one does not rhyme and two, does go with the challenge set forth by my friend last year.

In an effort to at least try and sort out my shoes, I bought a shoe rack, which holds 50 pairs of shoes.   I threw away – for good reason, about 12 pairs and I gave 10 pairs to good will.  I so wished I had friends who wear a size five, but that is a size five pipe dream.

Here is my shame…  a 50 pair shoe rack is not even nearly enough, even with my discarded shoes.  I am genuinely, sort of, well a little bit ashamed.  I realize I may need help? Is there an SA – Shoes Anonymous?

An even bigger shame is that I absolutely had to buy a pair of shoes in Rome.  A super pretty, cute pair of beige colored wedge sandals.  They just go with everything, how could not buy them?  I may need an additional 50 pair shoe rack or even two of them!!!

I love shoes.