This past weekend I attended a wedding in Rome, Italy.  Can you think of anything more wonderful?  My friends were having their ceremony at the extraordinarily stunning Castello Oescalchi di BraccianoNothing could have prepared me for the splendor of this breathtaking location.  As the days built up to the wedding and we were in full celebration mode, I did get the chance to take some time out to explore a lot of the city of Rome with its cobbled streets, castles, piazzas and fountains, as well as enjoying the excellence of Italian cuisine, or should I just say pizza and gelato.

You know the saying “When in Rome”… well when I was in Rome last weekend I think I eat my weight in pizza and gelato as well as made it my business to try almost every espresso bar we passed.  Who knew pizza could taste that good?  They also say “All roads lead to Rome” and I have to say I felt like I walked every single cobbled one of them exploring this ancient city.

Rome is just gorgeous and beautifully historic and only a visit there can truly show you how magnificent it is. The experience of exploring the relatively small center can overwhelm any single person with its ruins and deep history and can take a few trips.

I think this best way to first explore Rome is with a guided tour, then you can take yourself off to indulge in the streets freely once you are a little more familiar and comfortable.  On this trip I got to take in the experiences of seeing… the Colloseum, the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain where I made a few wishes, the Pantheon and Piazza Novona where we enjoyed the delights of the famous chocolate cake at Tre Scalini to name a few.

Rome is up there as one of my favorite cities in the world.  What’s yours?