Aren’t you so excited about the return of Mad Men?  I honestly cannot wait, but I am going to have to wait a little bit longer, being as I am in Europe right now.  I love the show but not enough to cancel a trip to Rome followed by a trip home to see my family in England.Why do I love it it so much.  Well, to echo my comments from last year, it has an outstanding cast, amazing wardrobe and undeniably juicy storylines.  Mad Men is sassy, saucy, naughty, fun and just brilliantly wrong on so many levels.This weekend we welcomed back the much anticipated new season of the chain smoking, whiskey drinking and martini swilling crowd of Ad guys of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  Let’s see where we left off last season.

Don Draper, Mr Sexy, “the closer” and main man.  Don is still married to Megan, his much younger ex-secretary and all seemed to have been going well, except that instead of marrying a placid wife, he married a very passionate want-to-be actress.  She is becoming a character in her own Mad Men right, especially after what she did to her best friend last season with regards to a part in an ad.  I loved the last scene where Don walked away from the stage set and straight into a bar where there was a beautiful woman sitting there.  She leaned in and asked…  “are you alone?”  Well, we shall see if he answers in Season Six.

Peggy Olson who has to work harder than all the guys for one reason… she is not a guy.  But, go girl.  Last season we saw Peggy leave Sterling to work for a competitor and is now working fully in a man’s world where men run the show and woman serve.  She is trying to be the “man” but does she miss her former life at Sterling?

Joan Harris, the strongest woman on the show and now balancing life and work and being a single mother.  She is curvaceous, stunning and not afraid to flaunt her sexuality and deep down more intelligent and forward thinking than anyone else.  Joan worked her way back to the top to become the Office Manager and now runs the shop of Sterling.  She is by far my favorite character, followed closely by Don.

Roger Sterling the original main man.  What on earth is he up to?  Fooling around with Don’s mother in law, taking LSD and perhaps having a midlife crisis.  I am not sure this guy even knows what he wants but at least this woman is age appropriate.  His last scene ended with him standing stark naked in front of his own window.  Who knows why?

Pete Campbell who I still find creepy was having a torrid affair with a married woman.  The husband found out and sent his wife away for shock therapy.  I have to say this past season, I did see a sad compassionate side to Pete but he is still icky.


I didn’t talk about Betty Draper last time but I have to say she played a very dramatic role as a woman bordering on bulimia and ignoring everything around her, including her children.  It was fascinating to see her going to weight watchers.  It just shows how long it has been around.  She seems a very unhappy woman.

Lane Pryce, the British CFO tragically ended his life by hanging himself in his own office after he embezzled funds from the company.   Don, knowing what had happened tried to give Lane’s wife the money only to have it backfire on him.

By far the star of Mad Men is the fashion . . . Ahhh the fashion.  It’s a character all of its own.

If you are not watching Mad Men you need to get on “On Demand” and do an immediate catch up.  You will not be disappointed.  I cant wait to catch up when I get home!