I was talking with a friend about the pains of dating in Boston – it really is a pain and for some reason I started to tell her about this TV show I had seen a few years ago on Current TV about people who have relationships with inanimate objects – I kid you not!

I did a blog post on this about 3 years back and thought it was so amusing that I would repost.

I can honestly say that I have no idea why I was even watching this channel in the first place!  The show was called “Wild Relationships”.  The one I watched, I am not even sure I can explain it, but it is about people who fall in love with inanimate objects.  I don’t mean small saucy objects, I mean buildings, a London red bus and cranes to name a few; and they really do call them relationships with feelings and naughty thoughts and everything.  One woman left her husband and children to have a relationship with a crane!  Another woman actually “married” the Eiffel Tower!

I literally watched the whole show with my mouth dropped wide open like watching a train wreck – I couldn’t change channels – it was fascinating!  There was a woman who actually said “my boyfriend is a bus and I want to marry him.” This thing/affliction/issue– whatever you may call it is named OS – “objectum sexuality.”  The people on the documentary were trying to point out that we have no choice with who or what we fall in love with.  I am not one to judge but come on – a bus – really?  Whatever floats your boat or bus I suppose.

So, buses aside, is it true – do we have no choice with who we fall in love with?  My perspective is, and trust me I am speaking from experience, if it is doesn’t feel right run, run for the hills and don’t look back – even if he or she appears to be the best thing since sliced bread.  I usually don’t run for the hills and therefore my gut instinct that I have right at the beginning likes to say “I told you so!” when I am hurt and upset later on.  I don’t think you can help who you fall in love with, but you do have a choice in the matter. You always have a choice, even if it hurts. I should really listen to my own wise advice sometimes.

There are so many wonderful, bizarre and completely mad people in the world, and doesn’t that just make it an even more interesting place to be?

What are your thoughts on this subject?