This past weekend, as with the last four or five years, I have got the hell out of dodge, aka South Boston on St. Patrick’s Day, for a little trip to visit my friends in Kansas City, MO.I arrived on Friday to 84 degrees of glorious summer weather, which very quickly declined into 29 degrees and brrrr-freezing weather by Sunday.  We had already done far too much shopping, so what do you do on a cold, sleety, miserable day?  A few ideas came to us… more shopping, the movies, spa treatment, a cocktail at a nice hotel but none of these were hitting the right spot.  Culture!!  That is exactly what we needed.  We decided on taking in an afternoon of walking around the beautiful Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. 

The museum is housed in the center of a stunning lawn decorated with giant shuttlecocks, which are very amusing to see.  It was far too cold to enjoy the outdoors, which I can only imagine is lovely on a sunny day, so we walked the corridors of the Museum from the Egyptian to Roman to Asian to Impressionist and Contemporary.

I loved the Egyptian and Impressionist’s exhibits.  I could spend hours looking at Monet and Renoir.  It was a lovely way to spend a leisurely afternoon.  Even more perfect is that the museum is free to the public.