It’s in the Stars . . .

I must listen to my Stars today… I swear it is telling me to buy shoes!!!!!!

When you see a chance to improve your life today, you have to take it — there is just no question about it. This chance could be as simple as noticing a sale at a store that sells a pair of shoes you’ve been coveting, or it could be as major as a job offer. Don’t worry about making a distinction — just make your move!  There is a major turning point coming into your life soon, and you cannot afford to assume that the next knock on the door is not it.

All sound good except for the practice shoes!

I have not been true to my Shoesday Tuesdays lately.  I do have a good reason.  I am stuck in a boot rut, most of which I have featured because of course I wear my nice boots to work on Tuesdays.  It happens every year where from November to March (possible April, sometimes May), I wear my boots all the time.  Dress boots, casual boots, ankle boots, long boots, booties, house ugg boots – it’s just boots boots boots.  The nice weather starts and I have to be dragged out of them kicking and screaming because I don’t want to give up my boots.

I have so many gorgeous pairs of shoes that I still want to wear so I promise to get back to them very soon.  Or I should listen to my stars and buy some shoes today?