A colleague recently gave me a couple of bottles of wine as a thank you gift.  Gifts of wine are always welcome in my home if anyone is wondering.  One of the wines was a Stickybeak Chardonnay.  A wine I had not heard of before and was quite intrigued to try, especially after reading their fun website.

According to their site a Stickybeak is Australian slang for a “busy body or nosey neighbor; a meddler in another’s affairs.”  Stickybeak poses the question “ever been curious enough to stick your nose over someone’s fence to see what’s going on? Or peer through a crack in their front gate, just to get a better look? We have!”  They spent time looking over the neighbors fences, so to speak, in order to taste and sample Californian wines in the hope of creating their own unique wines.  Now that I have tasted their delightful Chardonnay, I believe they have managed to do just that.

The 2010 Stickybeak Chardonnay is a pale light golden yellow in color.  First aromas are intense, peppery and nutty – very pleasant.  My initial sip is smooth and almost creamy with tastes of peach, nectarine and cantaloupe.  No oakyness or butter as one would expect from a chardonnay, more citrusy and crisp with a ridiculously long finish.  This is a super lively and fresh Chardonnay.

I think this wine pair excellently with strong flavor fish like Salmon or heady cheeses like gorgonzola.

My rating…