Shoesday Tuesday 2016These shoes are a bright splash of wonderful cherry red color on a somewhat grey day.  Even more than that, do you think if I click my heals in them three times they will send me back home.  For some very bizarre reason I am feeling homesick for England.  

So… anyway, moving on from being homesick.  Let’s see if I can do a flashback on these ones.  As you can see, hardly worn Stuart Weitzman red pumps – what a surprise, a pair of shoes I have hardly worn.  I bought them approximately four or five years ago in Las Vegas at a designer outlet store I was introduced to by my friend, Lauren.  They were one of quite a few pairs I bought that weekend :).

I loved them immediately with their gorgeous shiny cherry candy color and varnished wood look very high heel.  I thought they looked like Betty Boop shoes.  I never wear them (obviously) and probably should not have paid the amount of money I paid for them, even at discount, but they are so pretty to look at.  Today, I am wearing them in the office and each time I look down and see them peeping from underneath my trousers, they make me smile.  Of course at the end of the day I may not be smiling as they do hurt a little bit.
Here’s an interesting fact according to Wikipedia… “Since 2002, Weitzman has provided one-of-a-kind, “million dollar” shoes to an Oscar nominee to wear at the Oscars. For the 2007 Oscar ceremony, shoes were designed for and provided to Diablo Cody, who subsequently declined to wear them, stating that she was not aware of nor interested in the publicity with wearing the shoes.” 

I will say these are keepers and I promise myself to wear them more than once a year.