Recommended by my friends at Social Wines, this Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 organic wine quietly thrills and has me wanting more.  Peppery with sweet notes and a tingling subtleness on the nose.  I was totally expecting that bite of spice but instead the initial sip is not really much of anything.  I was a little disappointed.  I gave it a little moment.  Unlike other things in my life where I am very judgmental, I like to give wines a second chance.  My second sip had a mild surprise of earthy blackcurrant undertones with a spicy dark chocolate and definitely more of what I was expecting given the bouquet. The nice surprise of this wine is the many layers it seems to have from chocolate to vanilla to dark fruits and spiciness.  This Cab finishes with a sharp dryness that sucks your cheeks in a little.   In fact, on more tastes I really got into the dryness of this wine and I really liked it.

“We honor the land by farming organically, creating rich soils that provide healthy vines the opportunity to deliver wonderfully flavorful fruit. With every sip of Bonterra wine, you can taste our natural commitment. There’s no other way to fully capture the expression of our Mendocino terroir.  – David Koball, Vineyard Manager”

“Bonterra wines are a natural expression of the unique climate and soil of the Mendocino coast. The name “Bonterra” means good earth. All of their wines are nurtured from organically grown grapes. Bonterra relishes the re-discovery of age-old traditions of viticulture, working in harmony with Nature, to create wines with pure, concentrated flavors.”
If you like spicy earthy reds, this one is a great choice.

My rating . . .