Shoesday Tuesday 2016I really don’t like them, honestly I don’t – they are very unattractive boots.  I dislike seeing them on every young, teenage, 20, 30, 40 and the list goes on.  They are just awful, rather UGGly footwear.

I first succumbed a few years ago when I bought a pair to wear around the house only.  I felt that in the cold winter months the UGG-look slipper boot was perfect for my apartment with its fur lining and welcoming warmth – at least that was my excuse.

I soon after bought another pair in a different color to coordinate with my different lounging outfits. Yes, I even have to coordinate when no-one sees me.  For years, I refused to wear them outside.  There was no way I was going to be seen in them.

My latest and guiltiest of all my UGG-like purchases are the ones I bought for outdoor wear.  Right now they have only been worn in the house but I ran out last night to take the trash out wearing them.  I know this is a very slippery slope.  Next it will be the local store, followed by a Target trip followed by brunch with friends.  Oh my, I am giving myself an anxiety attack.

Here is the problem.  They are so damn, unbelievably comfortable.  It’s like wearing cushions on your feet that envelope them in loving kindness.   No rubbing or squeezing or even future band aids required.

Originally designed in Australia, the UGG sheepskin “classic” boots became a fashion statement in the early 2000s and are now worn, as we know, by everyone including many celebrities.  They are the ones we really need to blame… and also my niece and all her friends.

According to Wikipedia there has been a dispute between some manufacturers of UGG boots, as to whether “ugg” is a protected trademark, or a generic term and thus ineligible for trademark protection. In Australia and New Zealand, where the term is considered generic, more than 70 registered trade marks include the term UGG in various logos and designs.  By contrast, UGG is a registered trademark of the California-based Deckers Outdoor Corporation in over 140 countries worldwide including the U.S.and China.  The UGG empire is worth in the region of $800 million a year.  That is a serious amount of UGG(ly) boots.  Check out this fun link for a History on the UGG Boot.

Oh and I am working from home today waiting for a delivery so will be wearing them indoors all day.  Just in case you were wondering if I am wearing them on this particular Shoesday Tuesday.

Do you love your UGGs?