I have a tradition of celebrating Boxing Day with friends.  Something us Brits do each year.  My own tradition is by putting on a themed dinner party for some friends.  My “elegant” dinner parties have now been going on for years and have become something I and I do believe my friends look forward to.  This year I had 10 guests and two additional surprise guests whose flight to England was cancelled.  This just added to our fun.

They always start out elegant with nice table settings, a printed menu of what’s on offer and enough food to feed an army.  How they end up is quite another thing altogether.  My 2012 dinner party may have hit an all-time low with games of Twister and “Pin the tail on the Donkey” – only it wasn’t a donkey and it wasn’t a tail.  It was a full-sized cartoon picture of a naked guy, still with his socks on and a plethora of decorated appendages.  Blindfolded and spun around in my small living room, you can only imagine where some of the appendages ended up.

This year I prepared a Mexican Feast in honor of my upcoming trip to Cabo, Mexico.  I decorated my apartment with sombreros; I had a maracas everywhere and lots of other fun stuff for people to enjoy.  

Starting the night before, I prepared a Mexican Flan, as requested by my friend Tricia and I also prepared Ceviche for the very first time.  I tell you squeezing 10 limes by hand is no easy feat. 

I will be sharing many of my recipes in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, here is a little video I have put together of the night.  Watch at your own risk…