Its a new year; 2013 – can you believe it?  15 years ago this year I moved to Boston from London for just one year with my job.  I always thought I would go back home but then something happened… Boston became my home.

I am still at the same Firm, now almost 17 years. I have made a new family in my friends and I have found a passion in people, life, food and wine, which became the inspiration for my blog 40-Something Life. 

For those that don’t know, this blog was born out of another one I used to write about trying to find a husband.  I always thought that this was what was missing from my life and being 40 was the end of the world.  It turns out that as much as I would love to share my life with someone special, it is really not missing at all and 40 is another new beginning.   I realized I was writing about life in general, friendship and my love of food and wine, which is something I now do every day.  Nothing at all of what I thought was missing was really missing.  My life is full, generally happy and filled with true relationships and of course I am still lucky enough to be able to fly back home to see my real family, which I feel blessed to be able to do.

I am so lucky to have amazing friends, a good job and something that makes me happy and that is writing my fun little posts for Life, Food and Wine  I am truly thankful to anyone who reads and hopefully enjoys what I write about.

I am currently in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico enjoying the start of another new year.  Last night just before midnight, we were all handed a basket full of grapes.  I had absolutely no idea why.  I soon found out that Mexico observes the tradition of the “twelve grapes of luck”, making a wish with each grape eaten.  I made my twelve wishes and perhaps a couple of them are for you.


I wish all of you a happy, healthy and filled with joy and fun New Year!!