Do you know those shoes or boots you cannot wait to wear each season and when you do, you wear them any chance you get?  Well, these are mine.  I bought them about three or four years ago from, I believe Filene’s Basement during a lunchtime, probably instead of soup.  I still to this day have no idea who made them, I cant seem to see any label.  All I know is they were made for me.

They are my…

“I am going shopping boots”

“I am meeting my friend for brunch boots”

“Its casual Friday boots”

… and on occasion when I have a date about once every two years, they are my “First date not trying too hard boots.”

They fit me so well.  They are not too high so you can wear them all day.  The tan color goes with everything as it acts as a neutral color so I never struggle for something to pair them with.  They give me enough room to wear big woolly socks to keep me warm and I truly think they love me as much as I love them.  They are my fun boots.

I just know a time is coming when they need to go to boot heaven and I am just not ready.  I am in the first stage of denial so I had their little soles (souls) resoled to give them more time.  We need to spend the holidays together after all.  I know they won’t let me down and I will always stand up for them by standing in them.

This week is a casual dress week at work so my boots are coming out to play on a Tuesday.

I love my boots.  Do you have a favorite pair?