Made with a blend two of Spain’s most popular varietals, Garnacha and Tempranillo, this Carlos Serras Rioja wine is a lovely find.

The Spanish region of Rioja region is well known for its high-quality and popular wines.  It was often a regular wine of choice for me with dinner parties but it has been a while since I have purchased one. I really enjoyed this great wine I randomly found at Foodies in the South End.  

Rusty red in color with a watery garnet edge.  Aromas are deliciously strong even before you get your nose to the glass.  Pleasantly spicy with a light bouquet of dark chocolate and ripened cherries.  A lovely sweetness hits the middle of you tongue and opens up into a beautiful and mild taste of seriously fruity berries and plums that turns a little sour, but good sour.  Medium to full-bodied with a smooth lasting finish.

Anyone who enjoys smooth fruity reds will love this wine.  

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“Established in 1896 by Frenchman Carlos Serres, the winery is one of the longest established houses in Rioja and was key to the development and success of the region.

When Carlos Serres arrived in Rioja in 1885, the town of Haro had already established itself as a key distribution hub with lots of commercial activity with the arrival of the railway in 1880. By the end of the 19th Century, Haro was the main source of Rioja for the world.  A number of French winemakers helped to make it one of the world’s leading wine centres and brought with them all the latest winemaking and ageing technology. One of those new arrivals was Carlos Serres. Today, over a century later, Haro still retains its title as Rioja’s winemaking capital. The cool Atlantic style of wine sought by Carlos Serres continues to be the winery’s signature style to this day.”  

Source:  Testa Wines of the World

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