I know you know sunglasses are cool, the guy who sang “I wear my sunglasses at night” knows it, Horatio Caine from CSI Miami definitely knows it, but do you know what confirmed it for me… Rewatching The Matrix.  It just happened to be on HBO so I hunkered down on Friday night and watched it from beginning to end. Oh my goodness what a fantastic movie.  I had forgotten and I own it.

If you don’t know The Matrix, where have you been or are you a teenager and perhaps too young to remember it?

Made in 1999, this has to be one THE best science fiction futuristic movies of machines taking over the world and humans than I have ever seen.

It is just an ultra-cool movie with a brilliant, smart plot and of course Keanu Reeves, who plays Neo a computer hacker who believes there is something more than this.  Perhaps not the best actor in the world but he is made for this movie.  Just the line “I know Kung Fu” is killer.

The plot… very basically and at least from what I understand… the movie can be a little confusing.  We all live in a dream world, this is not our reality.  Our lives, jobs, families; all simulated by machines.  There are those that know this who live outside of the Matrix and want to free us from this dream world we are captives in.  With great actors like Lawrence Fishburne playing Morpheus, leader of the rebellion and Carrie-Ann Moss playing another Hacker named Trinity and potential love interest for Neo, The Matrix is just a great movie that is also a love story.  You need something for the girls after all.

We have come a long way in sci fi movie making; however The Matrix fantastically represents a future of machines taking over the world with brilliant special effects, hugely entertaining action scenes and of course cool sunglasses.

A movie made for sequels, which they did and did well!!!  Maybe tonight I will watch Matrix Reloaded.

If you are in for a night with your b”fry I highly recommend watching it for both your entertainment.

What’s your favorite movie from the past?