Many years ago one of my favorite Chardonnays was a Toasted Head.  I loved the heavy, creamy, rich oakyness of it and whenever I saw it on a restaurant menu I would get very excited at the prospect of once again tasting this wine.  I don’t seem to see it as much these days.

I was shopping in my little local store when I spotted a Toasted Head wine called Untamed Red 2007, a blend of Syrah, Zinfandel and Petite Syrah.  I thought why not give it a whirl.  This red is a deep ruby color with a gorgeous beet hue.  There are aromas of over ripe sweet dark cherries and chocolate with a dash of pepper and hint of burnt wood.  At first it is mild on the palate and then an almost sour bite of berries.  I wasn’t instantly taken with this wine but I was intrigued.

There is definitely something different about it.  A little dry, not too sweet and a wine that keeps making you taste more.  After a while I really started to enjoy the mildness of it.  It worked perfectly with my sweat pants, my sofa and a catch up of one of my favorite TV shows, Revenge

I would pair this wine with a hit TV show and perhaps some cheese, no real food necessary.
My rating . . .