Shoesday Tuesday 2016Anyone who knows me, knows I am a boot weather fan.  I love my boots… long ones, short ones, grey, black, brown ones, but almost always high boots.  I am after all only five feet tall and therefore need a bit of a booster heel.

I start Spring and Summer with a little sadness as I put my boots away and I enter Fall with glee and happiness at the thought of wearing my boots again.  Sometimes you may even find me wearing a pair of boots in late August or early September.

I dont know how many pairs of boots I own, I am not sure I want to count how many pairs of boots I own, but I did find myself at Nordstrum Rack this weekend looking for even more boots to add to my collection.  I didn’t buy any but I was sorely tempted by a very nice pair of Kenneth Cole’s.

I am leaving for a New York today for a few days of work and what better boots to wear than a pair of Ralph Lauren long black leather, high fabulous boots with a kitschy riders buckle at the ankle.  Tasteful yet fun.  

I bought them last Fall somewhere, I cant remember, maybe on Zappos and have already had a significant amount of wear out of them.  They go with everything, especially nice work dresses, which will be perfect as I go from work to dinner in NYC.

Hail to Boot Season!!!