Definition of Debauchery:
mmoral behavior: unrestrained self-indulgent immoral behavior, extreme indulgence

I do love Chilean Sauvignon Blancs so tend to lean towards them when buying wines at the supermarket. They can also be very reasonable in price, which when buying for the everyday is important to me.  However, there was something else that drew me to this wine and that was the naughty name.  How fun is a name like Debauchery for a wine?  I could only imagine what it tasted like.

The Debauchery Sauvignon Blanc is almost clear in color with just a very mild hue of honey.  Immediately sharp and tangy on the nose, which makes it twitch a little.  On the palate there is an abrupt burst of surprise with citrus fruits of lemon, lime and grapefruit. Other fruits like watermelon and kiwi show up briefly.   The finish remains sharp and lasts until the next sip.  This is a bold, refreshing and quite wonderful every day wine. This wine was so naughty I drank three glasses!

I checked out their website and discovered a little bit about Casablanca Valley in Chile where this lovely wine hails from. 

“The Casablanca valley is a 90-minute drive northwest of the city of Santiago and it’s where the story of Debauchery Sauvignon Blanc begins. All of Chile’s major wineries source grapes from this increasingly important district. Very similar to the Carneros region in Napa/Sonoma California, the cool maritime climate produces fruit with high aromatic expression and abundant freshness.

Minimum irrigation allows harvest of balanced grapes. Clones are used from California and central France that enable the wine to be complex and integrated. If you’re in Santiago on the way to the beach of Vista Mar – and you’re just the type of Debauchery drinker who would be – stop in and visit the Casablanca Valley. Chances are, you’ll never see the sand!

All Debauchery Sauvignon Blanc grapes are hand-picked to ensure they arrive at the winery in peak condition. Fermented and conditioned in stainless steel tanks for 30 days, the sauvignon blanc is then bottled and shipped to market.”

I think this wine pair wonderfully with white, flaky fish.

My rating…