Shoesday Tuesday 2016What does one wear when they could possibly be meeting the King of Shoes.  I am not kidding here, I may really see the King himself… Mr. Christian Louboutin.  There is a very strong chance I may be in his presence or even meet him tonight at an event and I am not sure of protocol with wearing something he designed.   Do I wear my Louboutin stupidly inappropriate but fabulous shoes, or is that too obvious?  Will he see me a sycophantic fan of the red sole or will he be flattered?  Do I wear another designer, perhaps Manolo or Jimmy or is that just a kick in the head, figuratively speaking of course?   I just dont know at all.  Perhaps a relatively lesser known designer, but who?  Perhaps I just wear a nice pair of high street shoes like Anne Klein or Franco Sarto – I do have many pairs?  No, I am not sure I can do that – can I?  I tell you I am in a bit of a pickle. So, what did I do this morning you ask.  Well, I have my Louboutins in a bag and a pair of Charles David black patent pumps, which I have on right now and can be worn all day and most of the evening with minimal pain.  I cant show you a close up photo of my Charles David shoes for fear you will scream eww at the inside of the shoes.

I bought my Charles David shoes about four years ago and they have been worth every single penny.  I have literally worn them through many new heel tips and even a whole sole replacement and I still love them, and as you can see they are so very very different from the Louboutins 😉 

I made sure both pairs work quite well with my outfit of choice but tell me, do you think I should have brought more shoes with me?  Perhaps two is enough so I will just bring my red soles with me to the event and slip them on if I feel the need.  What do you think?  Shall I go home and pick up another pair?

I hope you know I am just kidding about the shoes.

 I may, however, faint in the presence of greatness.   That part I am not kidding about 🙂