I have been on vacation these last (almost) 2 weeks.  Taking a break from America, work and my blog.  Probably a first for me… it’s been different, a little anxiety ridden but ultimately fun and absolutely lovely.

My trip was to visit my family and old friends in England.  Travelling back home to America I wondered what shoes I would wear for comfort and of course to still look nice.  I am just one of those people who does not dress like I am going back to bed when flying.  What other shoes could I wear except Burberry… oh so British of me.

I do love Burberry as its so classic and timeless.  There is just something about wearing the traditional Burberry tartan that is so recognizable. When I was younger and didn’t have any money, I always wanted a Burberry trench coat.  I am still yet to make that ultimate purchase.  I know me and I probably will one day.  Did you know you can actually design your own bespoke Trench online!!!!

I quite like this one 🙂

I think I have mentioned before that I don’t wear flats being so short, but every now and then I do find a pair I love and must buy.  I suppose buying Burberry is a little silly as I only wear flats once in a while, but aren’t they so adorable?


These are more recent purchases and a bit of an impulse buy while in Chicago.  Of course, I didn’t need them but it was pouring down with rain and we had already done the museum thing so it felt like there was nothing left except to shop.  Is there anything better thank shopping on a rainy day?  I think not and three pairs of very nice shoes later, one of them being these Burberry flats, I was feeling a little guilty and quite happy.  Happiness won this battle.

They are very comfortable but wearing flats for long periods of time does eventually hurt.  I think it is because I have worn high shoes since being about six months years old.  High shoes are a creation from the Shoe Gods, which I personally like to pray to often. 


Happy to be heading back to Boston soil.